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Useful facts, information and hints and tips about life in Ghana.


Read about all the different permit options for immigration to Ghana.


Read about our services, how we assist with all Ghana permits and visas as well as relocation issues.

Foreign Exchange

Exchanging money can be a daunting experience. Our well-informed experts can save you avoidable charges.

Travel Visas

Learn here about obtaining your travel visa for Ghana, special passes and the entry requirements.

About Our Ghana Permit and Visa Services

Intergate Immigration specialises in assisting companies with obtaining work permits and visas for Africa, including work permits for Ghana. We also offer all other tyypes of permits and visas for Ghana.

Further we offer a number of relocation services to our clients to allow applicants for work permits, and the companies whom they work for, to settle into their new environment in Ghana.

This results in a more efficient and effective employee who is then able to focus on their work within a shorter period of time. Our services include:

  • transportation of petsRead about our Permit and Visa Services for Ghana
  • airport arrival
  • home-rental
  • bank account set-ups
  • insurance recommendations
  • school selection.

The process for acquiring a Ghana work permit is seen to be a daunting task. Communication can complex and frustrating. By utilising our Ghana work permit service both the employer and employee (along with their family) benefit from an outsourced management of the work permit application process along with any relocation requirements.

Intergate has an in-house team that comprises of years of experience and expertise. This in turn is supplemented with our representatives in Ghana which means applicants also benefit from in country assistance to overcome any concerns, frustrations or problems they may encounter.

Our role is provide the employee, any family and the employer with a service that minimises hassles and inconvenience and exceeds service expectations.

Find out more Ghana Work permit service

If you would like to learn more about our Ghana Work permit service than please email us here or telephone us on +27 (0) 21 4242460.