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Useful facts, information and hints and tips about life in Ghana.


Read about all the different permit options for immigration to Ghana.


Read about our services, how we assist with all Ghana permits and visas as well as relocation issues.

Foreign Exchange

Exchanging money can be a daunting experience. Our well-informed experts can save you avoidable charges.

Travel Visas

Learn here about obtaining your travel visa for Ghana, special passes and the entry requirements.

Exempt Nationalities from Ghana Visas

The below is a list of nationalities that are exempt from having to obtain a Ghana visa for the purpose of short stay ie. Tourist and business for up to 3 months.

 If you do not appear on the below list you will require a Ghana Visa and more details can be found here.

The list of COMESA Countries

  1. Angola
  2. Comoros
  3. Eritrea
  4. Kenya
  5. Malawi
  6. Mauritius
  7. Madagascar
  8. Rwanda
  9. Seychelles
  10. Swaziland
  11. Tanzania
  12. Zambia
  13. Zimbabwe

Other Exempted Countries

  1. Antigua
  2. Bahamas
  3. Barbados
  4. Belize
  5. Fiji
  6. Gambia
  7. Grenada
  8. Jamaica
  9. Lesotho
  10. Malta
  11. Sierra Leone
  12. Singapore
  13. Solomon Islands
  14. st. Vincent
  15. Tonga
  16. Vanuatu
  17. Italy (only Diplomatic Passports)
  18. Cyprus

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