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Exchanging money can be a daunting experience. Our well-informed experts can save you avoidable charges.

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Learn here about obtaining your travel visa for Ghana, special passes and the entry requirements.

Ghana Work Permit for foreign nationals

Applying for a Ghana work permit is far from simple. With Intergate Immigration you can enjoy a process with minimum fuss and headaches. Together with our experienced representatives we guide you from the assessment and advice stage through to the successful Ghana work permit issuance.

Below we detail the obligations that fall upon the employee and employer but alternatively you can contact us for your free and on non-obligatory Ghana work permit consultation.

Restrictions on a Ghana work permit

It is forbidden for any foreigner to accept employment in Ghana unless they are granted a Ghana work permit or Immigrant quota work permit. The Ghana work permit or Immigrant quota work permit is granted to an employer or employee and allows them to engage in lawful and gainful employment in Ghana.

A Ghana Work permit or Immigrant quota work permit specifies the job title and indicates the employer by whom that person is employed. It should be noted that the Ghana work permit or Immigrants quota work permit holder may not engage in any other employment, business, profession or occupation in Ghana for reward other than what is specified by the work permit or Immigrant quota work permit.


Where the successful applicant has a foreign spouse, with special skills, they may make an application to the Minister of Interior to be issued with a Ghana work. Such a work permit if issued will allow them to work in Ghana as long as they remain with the spouse who has lawful residential status in Ghana.


Obtaining a Ghana work permit is not permission to take up residency. Please note that upon obtaining the work permit an application must be then be made for residency. Only when the applicant has been granted a residence permit by the Director of Immigration may they remain and work in the Ghana.

Ghana work permit regulations on commencing employment

Upon commencing employment with an employer in Ghana, the employer has to give notice to the issuing authority for the work permit or Immigrant quota work permit holder. This must be done no later than seven days after commencement of employment. This notice must provided in a prescribed form that shows the commencement date and must be copied into the Director of immigration. Also a letter of guarantee in respect of repatriation expenses of the employee should be submitted to the Director.

As well as the employer, the employee is also required to give notice of their commencement date to the issuing authority not later than 7 days after the commencement of employment. Again this needs to be copied into the Director of immigration.

Ghana work permit regulations on finishing employment

When the foreign national ceases to work in Ghana there is a responsibility on the employer to provide notice of such not later than 7 days after the cessation if employment. This notice must be made to the issuing authority along with a copy to the Director of immigration. Further, it needs to comply with the instructions of the Director as to the arrangements for the repatriation of the employee and his dependants, if any.

The employee will also have to give notification as above.

Annual returns for individuals and corporates holding a Ghana work permit

The individual or corporate who has been granted a work permit or immigrant quota work permit must submit an annual return. This return must be completed prior to 14th of January in each year. It is submitted to the issuing authority with a copy to the Director of immigration. It needs to provide the names and addresses of all foreign employees in their employment as of 1st January that year.

In addition there may be other details that need to be supplied as stated by the issuing authority or Director of immigration.

Repatriation expenses

The employer is liable for all repatriation expenses of an employee and his dependants if the employee ceases to work for the employer and repatriation becomes necessary.

Getting started with your Ghana Work Permit application

Before we make any formal application for a Ghana work permit on your behalf we offer a free consultation process to guide you as to the correct type of work permit or work visa application as well as your eligibility.
Simply email us here or telephone us on + 27 (0) 21 424 2460.

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