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Tax Regime And Investment

Tax Regime And Investment from GIPC website


Tax Regime (Ghana Revenue Authority)

Corporate Tax

Type of Company Percentage (%)
Hotels 22
Financial Institutions – Income from loan to farming enterprises 20
Financial Institutions – Income from loan for a leasing company 20
All Companies 25
Companies engaged in non-traditional exports 8
Companies listed on the Stock Exchange 22


Investment Incentives

Tax Holidays (From Start of Operation)

Sector No. of years Percentage (%)
Real Estate 5 years
Rural Banks After 10 years tax holiday 8
Cattle ranching 10 years
Tree cropping (e.g. coffee, oil palm, shea-butter and coconut) 10 years
Livestock excluding cattle and poultry 5 years
Fish farming, poultry and cash crops 5 years
Agro-Processing – converting fish, livestock into edible canned products 5 years
Waste processing (including plastics and polythene 7 years
Free Zones Enterprise/Development (after 10 years of operation) 8%

Locational Incentives (Tax Rebates)

a)Manufacturing industries located in:

  • Accra and Tema 25%
  • All other regional capitals 18.75%
  • Located outside regional capitals 12.50%

b) After the initial 5-year tax holiday period, Agro-processing enterprises which use local agricultural raw materials as their main inputs shall have corporate tax rates fixed according to their location as follows:

  • Accra – Tema 20%
  • Other Regional Capitals (except Northern,

Upper East and Upper West Regional Capitals) 10%

  • Outside Regional Capitals 0%
  • Northern, Upper East and

Upper West Regions (capitals and all other locations) 0%


Industrial plant, machinery and parts thereof are exempted from customs import duty under the HS Codes chapter 82, 84 and 85.

 Investment Guarantees

  • Constitutional guarantee
  • Investment laws which guarantee 100% transfer profits, dividends, etc.
  • MIGA membership
  • Bilateral Investment Promotion Treaties (BITs)